The California Department of Education (CDE)
 is collecting attendance data on students throughout the state of California beginning with the 2016-17 school year.  The CDE is looking at ‘chronic’ absenteeism in every school district.  What does this mean?  It means the CDE is tracking the following information submitted to CALPADS (California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System) per student, each year.

  • Unexcused absences
  • Excused absences
  • Expulsions
  • Suspensions
  • Independent Study – No Credit
  • In-House suspensions
  • Tardy, 30 minutes or greater

Hughson Unified School District’s school year consists of 180 days.  The CDE has stated any student who misses 10% (18 school days) of the school year is considered to be chronically absent.   At this time we do not know what the implications will be for local education agencies or families.

 This is why it is extremely important students be at school each and every day.  Even if your student says they aren’t feeling well, send them to school anyway.  HUSD has a Registered Nurse available to each school site and it only takes a phone call/email to have her come into the office to assess the student’s health.  If she feels the student needs to go home because of illness, his/her attendance will be marked accordingly.  A follow up with a health professional is highly recommended, as well.

 Please, make all appointments after school unless it is absolutely necessary to schedule during school hours.  Also, make sure your student brings a note from the appointment to the school office for verification.  Unexcused/unverified absences will not be tolerated.

Hughson High School Attendance

Hughson High School (HHS) believes that regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement. HHS shall work with parents/guardians and students to ensure their compliance with all state attendance laws and may use appropriate legal means to correct problems of chronic absence or truancy.

Class participation is an integral part of students' learning experiences. Parents/guardians and students shall be encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours.


Tardiness is not acceptable. It disrupts the class, hurts the morale of students who are on time, reflects negative attitude toward the class, creates a disruption in the hallways and on campus, and develops a habit, which could make future employment difficult. Tardy Procedure

Attendance Procedures Explained 

  1. Parents are asked to call on the day of an absence to report a student’s absence.  If a parent notice is not received, then a phone call home or to parent/guardian’s workplace will be made, by student whenever possible.  A student has (3) three school days to clear an absence.  Absences not cleared within this time frame will be considered unexcused/cut, and the student could be assigned discipline up to one hour of detention for each hour missed.  Absence Procedures
  2. Students who are out for medical appointments are asked to bring a note from the doctor verifying the date and time they were there.
  3. Parents are asked to be careful to write the actual date of the absence(s) on the note.  Many times the notes are unclear as to what exact days and/or times are excused.  If the note is not clear, it will not be accepted.  Print Absence Note
  4. Students who are being checked out during the school day must have a signed note, or a phone call to the office from a parent/guardian.  Check Out Procedure  Students are then signed out by the office staff after the student checks out at the office.  When a student returns, they must also come to the office to fill out a readmit.  In this manner, staff knows exactly which periods were missing.
  5. Only a parent or guardian may clear an absence with one of the methods of verification.  The methods of verification are “written note, fax, email, or voice mail from the parent/guardian or parent representative.” A parent representative is siblings, if over 18 and in charge or control of the minor student (example:  parent is out of town on a vacation, hospitalized, etc.), or the person listed on the emergency contact list, if over 18 and in charge or control of the minor student.  Before the time of absence, the parent/guardian must call the office to inform the staff who the parent representative will be.


This means no students are to be checked out to go to lunch.  
Legitimate business or medical appointment during the lunch hours require a note from the doctor upon return.  Parents need to check out their student out during the lunch hours with a phone call or note.  The student MUST check out with the office staff.

The cooperation of all parents/guardians is appreciated by staff who are charged with enforcing these procedures.

Helpful Information

Attendance Office Phone:           209-883-0469
Attendance E-mail:            
School Calendar
Bell Schedule
HUSD Administrative Regulation AR 5113  Absences And Excuses
HUSD Administrative Regulation AR 5113.1 Chronic Absence And Truancy

Important Attendance Dates



Late Start Days











No Late Start


No Late Start












1st  Semester Finals Week TBA
2nd Semester Finals Week TBA 

Please Note:  If your student has a finals pass, they still need to come to school.  If the student misses school a parent or guardian will have to call and clear the absence.                                                                                                                          

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